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VIM Technologies, Inc. has extensive experience implementing monitoring systems with any application that requires regulatory emissions monitoring.

VIM Technologies, Inc. got its start in the emissions monitoring business by means of providing emissions monitoring software for the incineration business. We started with medical waste incineration and proceeded to sewage sludge incineration, and then trash to steam. Other applications we have experience with include glass manufacturing, the beverage industry, poultry, ethanol, and steel.

You name it – we’ve seen it. VIM has the most diverse experience in the industry with implementing a variety of emissions monitoring standards. While we have become market leaders in many of the niche emissions monitoring markets, we have never abandoned the diverse experience we gain with all the “others” of applications that are out there.

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COMPAS: Did You Know?

January 16, 2019

CEMLink6 and COMPAS are VIM’s flagship offerings, both of which we actively improve based on client feedback. COMPAS stands for Compliance Optimization & Monitor Performance Accuracy Service and here are facts you might not know about it: More Practical Experience Than Competitors Did you know that the VIM Technologies COMPAS team has more proven environmental […]

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Reminder: Make Travel Plans For Our February Mini User Group

January 8, 2019

Our Mini User Group and Training in Grapevine, TX is less than a month away! If you have not already done so, please register here. The event will take place February 5-7 and will feature a variety of classes:

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CEMLink6: Did You Know?

December 7, 2018

VIM Technologies is a leader in the air compliance data acquisition systems industry as a major supplier of Continuous Emission Monitoring software. Whether you are a current CEMLink6 user or are interested in learning more about the software, here are some interesting facts you should know about this revolutionary software: Custom Dashboard Builds Users can […]

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