Pulp and Paper
Pulp and Paper

Pulp and Paper

Beginning in 1995, VIM began a very long and mutually beneficial relationship with STI out of Waldron, AR (now Thermo Fisher Scientific). This relationship produced many DAS installations with a variety of major manufacturers of pulp and paper. VIM has maintained and nurtured these relationships over time and has helped navigate our pulp and paper partners through some of the most arduous regulatory demands including implementation of the NOx SIP Call.

Our latest product, CEMLink 6 is ideally suited for pulp and paper manufacturing environments, as the DAS can be individually located throughout the facility or centrally located, whatever the preference of the site is. Data can be shared with either scenario throughout the facility.

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2021 Alberta CEMS Code Finalized

May 11, 2021

UPDATE: As a follow-up to the April 27 webinar, AEP issued the 2021 CEMS Code Questions and Responses on May 5, 2021. AEP also posted a recording of the April 27th webinar. A copy of the latest Q&A document is available here. On April 7, 2021, Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP) finalized the 2021 Continuous […]

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CEMLink6 Version 6.2.100

Version 6.2.100 of CEMLink6 Now Available

March 5, 2021

Version 6.2.100 of CEMLink6 is now available. Updates are available to those with an active maintenance contract. If you would like more information, or to update your CEMLink6 system to this version, please contact VIM Support at 410-859-5455. Beginning with this version, VIM requires all DAHS server and Client computers to be running Microsoft .NET […]

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CEMLink Excel Add In

CEMLink 6 Excel Add-In Released

March 2, 2021

VIM Technologies has released our latest version of the CEMLink 6 Excel Add-In – a CEMLink 6 tool designed to reduce the challenges associated with assembling and populating CEDRI reporting templates, state-specific reporting, and corporate fleet-wide data aggregation spreadsheets. This latest CEMLink 6 Excel Add-In is now available in the latest release (6.2.100), released on […]

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