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VIM Sponsored The 2022 IEEE East Coast Conference

VIM Technologies was pleased to attend the 2022 IEEE East Coast Conference on October 20 & 21, a technical conference for Cement Operators, in Birmingham, Alabama. The event, hosted at the Birmingham Double Tree Hotel-Premier Park Center, had nearly 150 attendees and over 26 sponsors from all business areas affecting cement production. VIM participated as a sponsor and connected with many of our cement clients who also attended the conference. The East Coast Subcommittee of the IEEE-IAS-PCA Cement Industry Committee put on the program to provide local plant personnel with timely technical information. The conference included technical workshops, a vendor-sponsored evening reception, a two-track technical session, and an afternoon plant tour. The technical session provided attendees with opportunities to learn more about various subjects such as alternative fuels, carbon reduction, human resource retention, and managing change through digital transformation.Read more »

VIM Technologies Continues to Support the Mission of Carolinas Air Pollution Control Association

VIM proudly supports the mission and vision of Carolinas Air Pollution Control Association (CAPCA). VIM is pleased to participate and exhibit at their events, including the Fall 2022 Workshop & Forum held on October 12 to 14 at The Hilton in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. There were many informative and engaging technical sessions, networking opportunities, and symposiums. Discussion topics included the Clean Air Act, Air Quality Updates, Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG), Compliance, and Air Quality Standards.

VIM recognizes the work and dedication of CAPCA and looks forward to continued shared interests for many years to come. If you would like to learn more about CAPCA and all that they do, visit

VIM Technologies Praised for Virtual Part 75 Training Course

VIM Technologies, Inc. (VIM) has successfully completed another Introduction to Part 75  virtual training course led by Senior Air Compliance Specialist Dru Sanders, with assistance from VIM’s COMPAS Division.

Introduction to Part 75 is an intermediate course recommended for environmental staff responsible for complying with 40 CFR Part 75 regulations. We typically offer this course twice during each calendar year.Read more »

Air Compliance: Your Greatest Risk May Be Your Most Valuable Assets

Key Employee Risk, also known as Key Employee Dependency is an issue that companies face when one critical or key employee is the only person to have access to certain information or job responsibilities. This can refer to confidential information, compliance items, or operating procedures. Without this information, workflow is diminished or halted. This situation can happen when a key employee retires, takes a leave of absence, or is unavailable. Without the ability to continue proper workflow or standard operating procedures, it is easy to fall out of compliance and can have a detrimental effect on your business.Read more »

VIM Technologies’ Part 60 CEMS and COMS Requirements Virtual Training

VIM Technologies’ (VIM) Senior Air Compliance Specialists, Eric Wiley, and Dru Sanders, co-presented the Part 60 CEMS and COMS Requirements online training course with high praise from those who attended.

This comprehensive course covered the required material in 2-hour sessions across 3 consecutive days. Attendees were thrilled with the virtual schedule that allowed flexible access to the training and eliminated the need for travel. The detailed course manual and the ability to download various supporting regulatory documents were a significant benefit to all participants

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Digital Transformation: The Fourth Industrial Revolution

The Fourth Industrial Revolution, called 4IR or Industry 4.0, is named for the rapid change in technology, data connectivity, and smart automation that is driving improvement trends throughout the industrial world. Roughly starting in the early 2000s, companies have been implementing changes to improve productivity, efficiencies, and profitability by investing in digital technologies. Machine Learning, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), and decision-based software systems are becoming commonplace as costs come down and the need to stay competitive drives buying choices. Regardless of the industry type, companies are making strategic decisions on how best to apply digital technology to their day-to-day operations.

Research shows the primary focus for most digital transformation projects is on process improvements that enhance the customer experience, reduce energy usage, and minimize unplanned downtime. Beyond these main objectives, Industry 4.0 uses technology to help meet Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) sustainability by focusing on social development and environmental stewardship. Through these initiatives, companies are addressing not only how they do business now, but the way they will do business in the future. Many ESG digital investment decisions are driven by which aspect of sustainability nets the best results the fastest. Unlike the impact of manufacturing process changes, digitalization investments in ESG are about the long game.

The rewards from these efforts may not hit the bottom line immediately but they do go a long way towards shoring up interest from investors and meeting company sustainability goals. The commitment to a digital strategy gives companies the opportunity to use data connectivity and transparency in conjunction with technology to achieve all of their transformation objectives. All efforts are focused on finding the balance between the digital world while enhancing the human experience, profitability, and ESG sustainability. The urgency to act now and the speed of technological advances opens the potential for implementation pitfalls. Clear thinking and dedication to involving all the company stakeholders are critical before expecting any digital strategy to have the desired impact.Read more »

EPA Publishes Revisions to Greenhouse Gas Reporting Rule in Federal Register


On July 19, 2022, EPA extended the comment period on the proposed “Revisions and Confidentiality Determinations for Data Elements Under the Greenhouse Gas Reporting Rule” from August 22 until October 6, 2022.  A copy of the Federal Register notice is available here.

On June 21, 2022, EPA published the proposed “Revisions and Confidentiality Determinations for Data Elements Under the Greenhouse Gas Reporting Rule” (i.e., 40 CFR Part 98) in the Federal Register. A few selected proposed amendments are discussed below.Read more »