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2021 Alberta CEMS Code Finalized

As a follow-up to the April 27 webinar, AEP issued the 2021 CEMS Code Questions and Responses on May 5, 2021. AEP also posted a recording of the April 27th webinar. A copy of the latest Q&A document is available here.

On April 7, 2021, Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP) finalized the 2021 Continuous Emission Monitoring System (CEMS) Code. The 2021 Alberta CEMS Code becomes effective on or before January 1, 2022, to provide affected units the flexibility to comply with the new Code prior to the effective date. Otherwise, the 1998 CEMS Code will remain in effect until December 31, 2021.

A copy of the 2021 CEMS Code is available here. Supporting documents are available at

AEP is hosting a Revised CEMS Code Information Webinar on April 27, 2021, to provide information and to field questions concerning the 2021 CEMS Code.  The webinar will include changes from the 1998 CEMS Code and changes made from draft 2. Click here to register for the Revised CEMS Code Information Webinar.

EPA Publishes Final CSAPR Group 3 Rule In The Federal Register

On April 30, 2021, just one day prior to the 2021 ozone season, EPA published the final 40 CFR Part 97, Subpart GGGGG, CSAPR NOx Ozone Season Group 3 Trading Program in the Federal Register. The CSAPR Group 3 rule requires additional NOx reductions from power plants located in twelve (12) states beginning with the 2021 ozone season. The twelve (12) affected States are Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia. The new Group 3 Trading Program is in addition to the existing Groups 1 and 2 NOx Ozone Trading Programs. The rulemaking also includes minor technical/administrative changes to the other CSAPR subparts.

Subpart GGGGG defines distinct Group 3 NOx ozone season State budgets for 2021, 2022, 2023 and “2024 and Beyond.” In general, one sees a reduction in the State budgets each year until the State budgets become fixed for the 2024 and Beyond ozone seasons. For example, reference the Group 3 State Budgets for the 2021 ozone season compared to the State budgets for 2024 and Beyond, as listed in the rule [FR-Vol. 86-No. 82, pages 23123-23124].

EPA also finalized Federal Implementation Implementation Plans (FIPs) for 22 states to address interstate transport of ozone pollution under the Clean Air Act’s “good neighbor” provisions. The final rule becomes effective on June 29, 2021. A copy of the Federal Register publication is available here.

VIM Attends CAPCA Virtual 2021 Regulatory Update

On April 9, 2021, several of VIM’s COMPAS staff attended CAPCA’s virtual 2021 Spring Regulatory Update. The agenda included EPA, South Carolina and North Carolina regulatory updates. VIM would like to thank CAPCA and the speakers for an informative webinar. CAPCA hopes to hold its 2021 Fall Conference in person. VIM looks forward to exhibiting at the Fall Conference. Visit CAPCA’s website at

VIM Steering Committee Announcement

First, we would like to express our deepest thanks to our two outgoing Steering Committee members,  Scott Nielson (Ash Grove) and Rockey Pollard (NIPSCO). We can’t say thank you enough for the knowledge and expertise you brought to the committee. We are grateful for your commitment and support to our CEMLink 6 community.

Second, we would like to welcome Joseph Arsenault (Ash Grove Cement), Brooks Butler (Georgia Pacific), Bill Kraft (National Grid), and Roy Srymanske (Nucor Steel) as the newest additions to the VIM Steering Committee. We are delighted to welcome such an outstanding group of new steering committee members. Each brings a unique background of expertise, each committed to helping shape the software functionality and usability of CEMLink 6 from an end user’s perspective.

Joe, Brooks, Bill, and Roy will be joining four other committee members. To view existing Steering Committee members, visit

The VIM Steering Committee is a multidisciplinary advisory group consisting of members from various industries that advise VIM on functional requirements associated with the CEMLink product.

EPA Administrator Signs Final Cross-State Air Pollution Rule Update

On March 15, 2021, the EPA Administrator signed the final revisions to 40 CFR Part 97, Subpart GGGGG, CSAPR NOx Ozone Season Group 3 Trading Program. Subpart GGGGG requires additional NOx reductions from power plants located in twelve (12) states beginning with the 2021 ozone season. The twelve (12) affected States are Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia. The new Group 3 Trading Program would be in addition to the existing Groups 1 and 2 NOx Ozone Trading Programs. The final rule does not include ozone season NOx emission limits for non-EGUs. The rule will become effective sixty (60) days after the Federal Register publication date. VIM will post a copy of the Federal Register publication when it becomes available. A copy of the prepublication version of the rule can be found here.

Version 6.2.100 of CEMLink6 Now Available

Version 6.2.100 of CEMLink6 is now available. Updates are available to those with an active maintenance contract.

If you would like more information, or to update your CEMLink6 system to this version, please contact VIM Support at 410-859-5455.

Beginning with this version, VIM requires all DAHS server and Client computers to be running Microsoft .NET 4.8. If your server or client computers were deployed prior to September 2019 OR if you have had Windows updates deactivated, it’s likely that your systems will need to have this update installed. More information and documentation on determining your version of .NET, how to access an update, and when this needs to be completed is available here.

For more information on our maintenance and support services, please contact Eva Fewster at 410-859-5455 or

CEMLink 6 Excel Add-In Released

VIM Technologies has released our latest version of the CEMLink 6 Excel Add-In – a CEMLink 6 tool designed to reduce the challenges associated with assembling and populating CEDRI reporting templates, state-specific reporting, and corporate fleet-wide data aggregation spreadsheets. This latest CEMLink 6 Excel Add-In is now available in the latest release (6.2.100), released on March 1, 2021.

Populate Excel Reports with the Click of a Mouse

The CEMLink 6 Excel Add-In will allow users to retrieve their compliance data directly, reliably, safely, and repeatedly from the CEMLink 6 server and use it to populate Excel reports with the click of a mouse. Users can manage and maintain connections to multiple servers, making it easy to run reports across an entire fleet.

Once licensed, users will be prompted to download the Excel Add-In from the DAHS server and can load the CEMLink6 plugin directly into Microsoft Excel. There are no limits on the number of workstations, users, or spreadsheets that can interface with a CEMLink6 DAS.

The first step in retrieving data is to configure and manage each of the CEMLink6 server connections. Users have the ability to collect and combine data from one or more servers across their fleet, all being tied into a single spreadsheet.

The next step involves the configuration of lists. “Lists” define the type of data that is being retrieved and contain details on the location where data is to be placed in each spreadsheet. Typically these steps are only done once, unless the reporting requirement or CEDRI template changes.

The final step entails running the report by using the “Get Data” feature and passing through a date range. With a few clicks of a mouse, it populates the Excel spreadsheet.

How to Get the CEMLink 6 Excel Add-In

To gain access to this feature in CEMLink 6, users will need to purchase a license. Complete configuration of your report(s) by VIM is also available, but not required. Please send an e-mail to with the following information:

  • Desired delivery date
  • Number of DAS(s) the Excel add-in will communicate with
  • Type(s) of data needed (raw, calculated, other)
  • How are you planning to use the Excel Add-in? (provide sample files)
    • Ad-hoc query
    • Custom dashboards
    • Title V / Emission inventory / CEDRI / Other Sample Reports

Our Support Team will review your requirements and issue a proposal for the license and any configuration needed.

Want to know more about CEMLink6 Excel Add-In and CEDRI reporting requirements? Read VIM’s article in December’s World Cement Magazine

Odette Alsen Joins VIM Technologies as West Regional Sales Manager

Odette AlsenVIM Technologies is pleased to announce Odette Alsen as the new Regional Sales Manager for the West Region. Odette will provide sales and support for customers in California, Oregon, Washington, Montana, Idaho, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Hawaii, and Alaska.

Odette brings over two decades of experience in business development and consulting engineering. With formal training in chemical and environmental engineering, she has spent her career in all facets of the environmental engineering field ranging from site remediation, water and wastewater treatment, air pollution control, and regulatory compliance. Her most recent experience has included consulting engineering and regional sales with an emphasis on the oil and gas sector and environmental monitoring.Read more »

DC Circuit Court of Appeals Vacates Ace Rule

On January 19, 2021, the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals vacated the Affordable Clean Energy (ACE) Rule. The Court concluded, “Because promulgation of the ACE Rule and its embedded repeal of the Clean Power Plan rested critically on a mistaken reading of the Clean Air Act, we vacate the Ace Rule and remand to the Agency. We also vacate the amendments to the implementing regulations that extend the compliance timeline.” A copy of the Court’s decision is available here.

UPDATE: On February 12, 2021, EPA issued a memorandum to all EPA Regional Administrators to clarify that states do not have any obligations under the ACE Rule or the previous Clean Power Plan.  A copy of the EPA memorandum is available here.

New Year Resolutions: 5 Tips to Improve Your Air Compliance

It’s a New Year, and one that we couldn’t be happier to see arrive. The new year is the perfect time to take stock and set goals for the year ahead. It’s time to consider New Year’s Resolutions for improving your air compliance programs. We’ve compiled our Top 5 great ideas to consider when planning for the year ahead:

1. Perform Checks on your CEMLink 6 System

Clean up unwanted files off your CEMLink 6 hard drives and check your system’s available storage space, CPU usage, and SQL Server memory usage. Exported files that are no longer needed should be removed. Be sure you have good backups of your PLC and Database files on an external device, and make sure you have a useable backup of CEMLink 6. Make sure that all alarms are acknowledged with proper reason codes and action codes and check that automatic backups are included in your scheduler and are working properly. Check PC/VM storage space. Verify your QA Test Plan/Plan ahead of this year’s CGAs/Linearities and use the Compliance Calendar to help plan for these events. As always, if you have questions or wish for VIM to help, contact VIM Support.Read more »