New Year Resolutions: 5 Tips to Improve Your Air Compliance

It’s a New Year, and one that we couldn’t be happier to see arrive. The new year is the perfect time to take stock and set goals for the year ahead. It’s time to consider New Year’s Resolutions for improving your air compliance programs. We’ve compiled our Top 5 great ideas to consider when planning for the year ahead:

1. Perform Checks on your CEMLink 6 System

Clean up unwanted files off your CEMLink 6 hard drives and check your system’s available storage space, CPU usage, and SQL Server memory usage. Exported files that are no longer needed should be removed. Be sure you have good backups of your PLC and Database files on an external device, and make sure you have a useable backup of CEMLink 6. Make sure that all alarms are acknowledged with proper reason codes and action codes and check that automatic backups are included in your scheduler and are working properly. Check PC/VM storage space. Verify your QA Test Plan/Plan ahead of this year’s CGAs/Linearities and use the Compliance Calendar to help plan for these events. As always, if you have questions or wish for VIM to help, contact VIM Support.Read more »

VIM’s 2020 Webinar Recap

The year 2020 left companies frantically struggling to move operations online as cities and countries around the world went into lockdown due to COVID-19. Most companies faced a major challenge – to help their employees adapt to new routines and technology, and to do so remotely. Businesses had to limit employee travels, postpone, and cancel in-person training and meetings. At VIM Technologies, we recognized that our customers cannot simply push the pause button on critical workplace learning while trying to put employee safety first. To meet this challenge and support our partners, we decided to develop and host free webinars starting in April 2020.

Here is a recap of all VIM webinars conducted in 2020. If you missed any of them and would like access to any of the recordings, here’s a list of previous webinars. Select the webinar(s) you’re interested and fill out the request form.Read more »

FREE WEBINAR – MACT Compliance using CEMLink6

Vim logo accompanied by "MACT Compliance using CEMLink 6. An exclusive webinar from VIM Technologies"

Data collection and reporting to meet emission regulations defined by the NESHAPS/MACT Rules can be challenging. Unlike NSPS, Acid Rain and other air compliance programs, NESHAPS brings in a mix of continuous and periodic data collection requirements coming from CEMS, CPMS and plant information systems. The raw data needed to meet compliance often come from different sources within the facility, on different networks, found in incompatible formats and different software platforms. This webinar will explainRead more »

Vendors at 2019 VIM User Group

We’re committed to making the 2019 VIM User Group the best place to learn how to get the most out of CEMLink6, network with other professionals, and refresh your industry knowledge. Our vendors contribute to this goal, and elevate the event by providing a high level of knowledge, expertise, and professionalism. We’d like to thank the following vendors for participating in this year’s User Group:

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Beginner/Intermediate Lessons in Track I of CEMLink6 Training

CEMLink6 is incredibly useful for any organization that’s looking to collect and report on their emissions data. Track I of the 2019 VIM User Group is geared towards helping newer users understand everything from the user interface to reporting and regulations. Here are the classes that are available in Track I:

Orientation to a CEMLink6 DAS

If you’re a plant technician or environmental support staff responsible for CEMS/DAS systems, this class is for you! We’ll talk about the reasons you’ll need a standalone data acquisition system, then break down each component of the DAS build process. Each user interface we discuss will be from an introductory perspective.

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Intermediate/Advanced Lessons in Track II of CEMLink6 Training

We’re offering a wide variety of training opportunities at the 2019 VIM User Group in Sheraton Music City Hotel in Nashville, TN. There are eight (8) brand new classes along with refreshed/updated content in the remainder. Come witness firsthand what new tools are available to you in CEMLink6. Sessions available in Track II are:

Calibration Utilities

If you’re a technician or environmental engineer responsible for managing CEMS ongoing quality assurance requirements, you may want to attend our Calibration Utilities course. This course covers every aspect of the Cylinder Management, Calibration Control, and Calibration Data Viewer user interfaces.

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