VIM Technologies Praised for Virtual Part 75 Training Course

VIM Technologies, Inc. (VIM) has successfully completed another Introduction to Part 75  virtual training course led by Senior Air Compliance Specialist Dru Sanders, with assistance from VIM’s COMPAS Division.

Introduction to Part 75 is an intermediate course recommended for environmental staff responsible for complying with 40 CFR Part 75 regulations. We typically offer this course twice during each calendar year.

The training included 4-hour sessions spread across three (3) days. A summary of the required general provisions along with several critical topics were covered, including monitoring methods, data handling, quality assurance testing, recertification events, annual analysis, and reporting/recordkeeping requirements. General data assessment techniques and our 10-step program for success were also discussed.

Attendees praised the virtual training schedule for allowing everyone to access the training while still meeting their daily work demands. Additionally, the online course avoided downtime and mobilization costs associated with travel to the training venue.  Attendees could attend one or both of the sessions focused on Part 75 requirements specific to gas & oil-fired units and coal-fired units.

Each attendee received a detailed course manual with the ability to download various supporting regulatory documents.  In addition to detailed Part 75 topics, the course also covered recent regulatory updates as well as the Part 60 Procedures 1 and 3 ongoing QA/QC requirements. Participants in the training course gave positive feedback on the course and its schedule, including:

“I [highly] recommend this course.”

“I liked the course material spread over three days because it was a lot of material, and breaking it down over several days allows time to digest the information.”

“[Having] 3 days [of training] allowed you not to be overwhelmed – the course was paced nicely.”

 “I found the training manual to be very useful.  I also liked the ability to download supporting documents and regulations that were referenced throughout the course.”

“The course instructors were knowledgeable, and the material was well presented.  The instructors encouraged and welcomed questions from attendees.”

Be sure to register for VIM’s next virtual Introduction To Part 75 training scheduled for March 28 – 30, 2023.  VIM also provides site-specific training courses tailored to a source’s monitoring approach and applicable regulatory requirements.  To learn more about future trainings as well as up-to-date information on upcoming events, check back frequently on our events page.