Advanced Lessons in Track III of CEMLink6 Training

The 2019 VIM User Group is a great opportunity to get training on the CEMLink 6 software. If you already have a lot of experience with CEMLink 6, you may find it difficult to decide what sessions – if any – would be an effective use of your time. The sessions in Track III are carefully crafted for advanced users like you, with information on tips, tricks, and features that will make you more effective in your day-to-day job. Here are some of the sessions that are available in Track III:

Advanced Tips-n-Tricks

Our new Advanced Tips and Tricks session covers a variety of features within CEMLink 6, as opposed to just one feature. We’ll focus on showing off lesser known tips, tricks, and features that will help you become a more productive and efficient user. This session is perfect for users who want to become well-rounded, or don’t know which of our advanced sessions to attend.

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