DAHS Updates for Part 75 XML Reporters

On Wednesday, September 11, 2019, EPA announced the 2019 Quarter 3 release of the ECMPS client tool. Included in this release are checks to allow reporting of system and component ID’s during periods of missing data. In reality, the changes are much more broad than that, and also include changes to formula ID’s, MODC and reporting of emissions data for combined cycle units with bypass stacks. The VIM Technologies development and compliance teams have been working closely with EPA since they originally announced these changes in March 2019.

For more details, a summary of changes and copies of the updated electronic reporting instructions, please visit the EPA ECMPS website at https://ecmps.blogspot.com/

We are pleased to announce that both CEMLink5 and CEMLink6 software modifications to support the EPA changes are complete and installation packages are ready to deploy to those who need it. These updates have been tested using the latest version of the client tool that was just released. Here is a summary of what you need to know if you are using VIM’s software:

  • CEMLink5 customers will need the data supervisor updated to version 13.21.3 or greater.
  • CEMLink6 customers will need to be updated to version 6.1.680.10 or greater.
  • If you elect not to install the latest version of either CEMLink5 or CEMLink6 before the Q3 2019 report period ends then you will receive an information error.
  • EPA has communicated previously, and we have confirmed that the new checks in the ECMPS client tool will convert over to critical errors by the 2020 Q1 reporting period (for April reporting).

We suggest you contact VIM now by e-mailing our Support Department at support@vimtechnologies.com. VIM Support will review your profile, evaluate your maintenance contract’s coverage for these updates, let you know next steps, and get you in the queue.