Discover the New LME EDR Tool for ECMPS 2.0 by VIM Technologies

Beginning in the first quarter of 2024, Part 75 sources will be required to report their Electronic Data Reports (EDRs) using the new web-based ECMPS 2.0 platform. This change means that the original ECMPS standalone client tool will no longer be an option for reporting EDRs. This can create some challenges for organizations that need to prepare for this change.

VIM Technologies, a leading provider of innovative solutions for the energy industry, has developed a solution to address this challenge. VIM’s LME EDR Tool for ECMPS 2.0 is an advanced web-based utility tool that provides an efficient and cost-effective solution for creating Part 75 Low Mass Emitter (LME) XML & JSON formatted Electronic Data Reports (EDR).

The upcoming webinar, “LME EDR Tool for ECMPS 2.0,” hosted by VIM on May 24th from 1:00 PM to 1:45 PM ET, will provide an opportunity to learn more about this innovative tool. During the webinar, attendees will see a demonstration of the tool’s features and capabilities and have the chance to ask questions.  REGISTER HERE

The LME EDR Tool for ECMPS 2.0 is designed to help LME sources create and format their EDRs with ease and efficiency while ensuring the accuracy and completeness of their data. The tool is user-friendly and intuitive, allowing LME sources to quickly and easily create EDRs without requiring technical expertise. This feature ensures that users can adapt to the new system quickly.

Platform users can also manually enter operating and long-term fuel flow data or import a CSV file, one that’s been used for years in the current ECMPS client tool. If the existing CSV file import format isn’t suitable for you, or if it takes hours or labor, and resources to convert it, VIM can develop a custom import utility that matches your exact file format needs, thus reducing the need to convert and risk transcription errors.

In addition to being easy to use, the LME EDR Tool for ECMPS 2.0 is also highly secure and dependable. VIM has taken measures to ensure that the tool is safe and that data remains confidential. Users can trust that their data is protected and that they will be in compliance with regulations.

LME EDR Tool for ECMPS 2.0 is web-based, which means that LME sources can access it from anywhere with an internet connection. This feature allows users to work on their EDRs at any time that is convenient for them without needing to be in the same physical location.

Overall, the LME EDR Tool for ECMPS 2.0 is an essential solution for LME sources who want to improve their EDR reporting processes and ensure that their data is accurate, complete, and compliant with regulations. The upcoming webinar provides an excellent opportunity to learn more about this innovative tool and discover how it can benefit your organization.

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