How the CEMLink Welcome Screen Saves You Time & Energy

CEMLink Welcome Window 1

Maintaining high productivity levels at work can be challenging. Luckily, the CEMLink system offers features that allow users to be more efficient than ever. One such feature is the CEMLink Welcome screen.

CEMLink Welcome Screen

The CEMLink Welcome screen contains quick links to VIM Technologies News items. It is a tool designed for users who want to get up-to-date information about CEMLink 6 and access related resources on CEMSComplianceVIM Training, Webinars, and more. As VIM continues to create relevant and useful content, the Welcome screen gets automatically updated every time a new blog gets posted on the VIM website.

The Welcome screen also displays icon links that can take you directly to most commonly used CEMLink dashboards and screens such as Report, Data Viewer, Alarms, Calibration, and Overview.

And, if you ever find yourself wondering how many days are left remaining in the quarter, as most of us do – all you need to do is look at the bottom right of the Welcome screen, and you will find the answer.

How to Enable/Disable the CEMLink Welcome Screen

By default, the CEMLink 6 Welcome screen displays immediately after users log in to the system. If you disabled the Welcome screen in the past and want to see it again, click the Welcome link on the screen header.

If you prefer the Welcome screen to pop up every time you log in to the system, make sure that you uncheck the “Do not show Welcome window on Login” box.

To disable the Welcome screen during future logins, check the “Do no shot Welcome window on Login” box shown above. Changes applied will only impact individual user accounts.

The Information You Need, Front & Center

The CEMLink Welcome screen can save you precious time and energy. You no longer need to manually search for the information you want, risking the chance to miss important updates.

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