Registration Now Open: Mini User Group and Training Coming to Texas in 2019

The VIM Technologies team will be hosting a Mini User Group and CEMLink6/Regulatory Training in Grapevine, Texas. Join us at the Hilton DFW Lakes Executive Conference Center from February 5-7, 2019 for a three-day event of industry education and training.

What is the schedule?

  • Tuesday, February 5 | Mini User Group (1-5pm) and Reception (6-9pm)
  • Wednesday, February 6 | Day 1 Training (Full Day)
  • Thursday, February 7 | Day 2 Training (Full Day)

What type of classes will be offered?

Class offerings include everything from beginner to advance training on the CEMLink6 to in-depth regulatory training. Below are brief class descriptions.

What do I need to bring with me?

For certain classes, it is recommended that you bring a laptop. Those classes include CEMLink6 Basics, CEMLink6 Configuration & PLC 101, and CEMLink6 Advanced.

CEMLink6 Basics:

Best for new CEMLink plant technicians and environmental support staff users responsible for CEMS/DAHS systems. The class will begin with a brief discussion on the underlying drivers for needing a standalone data acquisition system. We’ll then break down each component of the DAS build process. Each user interface of CEMLink will be discussed from an introductory perspective.

CEMLink6 Configuration & PLC 101:

This class is for CEMS technicians who are familiar with CEMLink and PLCs. It will go into the more complex areas of the DAS configuration. You’ll learn about creating and configuring averages and calculations, including the Average Detail and Average Option settings. Discussions will include how to configure Calibrations. Other topic areas will include PLC Device Configuration, PLC Channels with Device Settings, DAS Calculations, Alarms, and side-effects of certain configuration changes. This class will then transition to the PLC and will cover the basic usage of Rockwell Automation’s Studio 5000 Logix Designer with VIM’s PLCLink software package.

CEMLink6 Advanced:

Geared towards CEMS technicians and environmental staff who are familiar with CEMLink. This class will cover a thorough review of the software features to support environmental compliance. Topics such as direct analyzer diagnostics, data viewer expression, logbook templates, managing alarms, and customizing dashboards and layouts will be covered.

Part 75 Regulations:

Directed towards environmental staff responsible for complying with 40CFR75 regulations, this class will offer an overview of the general provisions required by the rule. This will include monitoring methods, data handling, quality assurance testing, recertification events, annual analysis, and reporting/recordkeeping requirements. General data assessment techniques will be discussed along with our 10-step program for success.

Part 60 Regulations & Data QA Techniques

Best for environmental support staff users responsible for reporting emissions data under Part 60 New Source Performance Standards (NSPS), this class will provide an overview of monitoring, data validation, ongoing quality assurance, and reporting requirements. It will then transition into a review of data quality assurance techniques using the CEMLink DAS. Attendees will discover data mining methods and assessment activities needed to meet reporting requirements.

PC MACT (Part 63 Subpart LLL)

Perfect for environmental support staff responsible for complying with PC MACT requirements, this class will cover the monitoring, ongoing quality assurance, and reporting requirements associated with the rule. Data review techniques and how to identify outliers and issues will be discussed. Throughout the class, we’ll use CEMLink6 to demonstrate critical takeaways and then conclude with the navigation and tips and tricks to submitting reports via CEDRI.  

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