Advanced Lessons in Track III of CEMLink6 Training

The 2019 VIM User Group is a great opportunity to get training on the CEMLink 6 software. If you already have a lot of experience with CEMLink 6, you may find it difficult to decide what sessions – if any – would be an effective use of your time. The sessions in Track III are carefully crafted for advanced users like you, with information on tips, tricks, and features that will make you more effective in your day-to-day job. Here are some of the sessions that are available in Track III:

Advanced Tips-n-Tricks

Our new Advanced Tips and Tricks session covers a variety of features within CEMLink 6, as opposed to just one feature. We’ll focus on showing off lesser known tips, tricks, and features that will help you become a more productive and efficient user. This session is perfect for users who want to become well-rounded, or don’t know which of our advanced sessions to attend.

Power BI

If your business needs innovative business intelligence capabilities beyond those offered in CEMLink 6, consider attending our Power BI session! This session covers Microsoft’s premier business intelligence tool, and how to use it effectively within your organization. You’ll learn how to bring your compliance data to life with demonstrations and hands-on labs that will help you get familiar with the Power BI Desktop application and the Power BI Service. Bring a laptop, grab some coffee, and get ready to learn!

Data Viewer Expression Builder

This session focuses on the latest enhancement to CEMLink 6’s data viewer – expression columns. Expression columns give users a variety of ways to shape, analyze, and explore data through Excel-like formulas configured at run time. This session covers the expression editor in detail, including built-in functions, operators, constants, proper syntax, and common pitfalls. In addition to hands-on experience with real-world examples, you’ll get an exclusive “cheat sheet” for future reference!

Introduction to CEMLink 6 Configuration

This half-day class focuses on the Configuration UI and explores the creation and configuration of averages and calculations, including the Average Detail and Average Option settings. In addition to learning how to configure Calibrations, you’ll learn about PLC Device Configuration, PLC Channels with Device Settings, DAS Calculations, Alarm Configuration, and side-effects of certain configuration changes.


If you’d like to learn more about configuring dashboards in the Overview UI, attend this class! You’ll learn how to bring the DAS to life with real-time visualizations and interactions made available through our extensive library of widgets. We’ll begin with the basics of using the designer to build a dashboard and explore the features and functions that will let you build professional-looking screens. You’ll also get the opportunity to see completed examples of real-world screens and find out how everything works together.


The 2019 VIM User Group is shaping up to be a great event for education, training, and networking. If you’re interested in going but haven’t registered, you can register on this page. We’ll have more information and updates on the event in the coming months, so continue to check back for updates!