VIM Technologies’ Part 60 CEMS and COMS Requirements Virtual Training

VIM Technologies’ (VIM) Senior Air Compliance Specialists, Eric Wiley, and Dru Sanders, co-presented the Part 60 CEMS and COMS Requirements online training course with high praise from those who attended.

This comprehensive course covered the required material in 2-hour sessions across 3 consecutive days. Attendees were thrilled with the virtual schedule that allowed flexible access to the training and eliminated the need for travel. The detailed course manual and the ability to download various supporting regulatory documents were a significant benefit to all participants

The overall course provided a thorough review of the Part 60 monitoring, performance, quality assurance, record keeping, and reporting requirements for CEMS and COMS. Key topics included CEMS and Regulatory Overview, Certification Requirements, Part 60 Appendix F Procedure 1 and Procedure 3, QA/QC Plans, and Data Validity and Reporting.

Attendees commended the course for its flexibility and extensive coverage of needed materials. Many said they would recommend this course to their colleagues as well as attend future VIM training courses themselves:

“Thank you for providing such a comprehensive training on Part 60. I will be attending future VIM trainings and intend to refer my team as well.”

“I liked the course material spread over 3 days because it allowed me to keep up with my busy work schedule.”

“I would definitely recommend this course to others.”

Registration for the next virtual Part 60 CEMS and COMS Training on March 14th through the 16th, 2023 is now open! Mark your calendar and book your spot today! Click here to Register.

VIM also provides site-specific training courses tailored to a source’s monitoring approach and applicable regulatory requirements. To learn more about future trainings as well as up-to-date information on upcoming events, check back frequently on our Training Courses page.