What’s New In CEMLink6 — December 2022

Wondering what our developers have been building into CEMLink6?

At VIM Technologies, we understand how today’s technology trends are rapidly evolving and how important it is to build a high-quality, data-intensive, and user-friendly software system. We employ a dedicated and highly skilled development team to meet these challenges. We solicit feedback from customers and our Steering Committee to design and deliver customer-focused and market-relevant enhancements to CEMLink6. It is our commitment to building an intelligent software system for our customers.

This blog will discuss some of the recent CEMLink6 improvements that all our customers should know about.  If you wish to provide input towards future enhancements, please contact the Steering Committee at steeringcommittee@vimtechnologies.com.

The features described below were built into CEMLink6 release versions 6.2.170 thru 6.2.250. If you are not running the latest version of CEMLink6 (, please reach out to our support group so we can schedule an update. The best way to contact us is support@vimtechnologies.com or call 1-866-484-6435 for immediate assistance.

Scatter Trend Widget in Trending Dashboard

The Trending Dashboard gets a new Scatter Trend Widget. Use this widget to see the relationship between two data points in the system. This new widget allows you to identify outliers and troubleshoot anomalies in the data.

Screenshot of the new scatter chart widget with a linear regression trend line.

New Limit Lines Added to the Calibration Widget

“Percent of Span” or a “Constant” value can now be added to calibration widgets in the Trending Dashboard. This new feature assists the user in creating calibration error trends with custom thresholds used for accuracy.

Screenshot of a calibration widget displaying the new Percent of Span.
Screenshot of a calibration widget using the new Constant value feature in the widget.

Device Diagnostics Widget for Overview Dashboard

A new Device Diagnostics widget has been added to the Overview Dashboard based on the original ‘stand-alone’ Device Diagnostics widget. The new widget provides expanded features and capabilities not available in the original widget such as more granular controls for selecting which slots are displayed, the ability to expand and collapse rows when in run mode, and an option to show disabled I/O’s and Data Providers.

Screenshot of the new Device Diagnostics Widget expanded showing analog input data.

Data Viewer – Column Total (Max and Min) Hyperlinks

Max and Min hyperlinks have been added to the Data Viewer that allow users to quickly jump to the corresponding values in the Data Viewer.

With the Column Totals column active here is a screenshot of the new Max/Min hyperlinks.
Screenshot after clicking the Min link and that timestamp gaining focus in the grid.

Reports – Ability to Save Custom Time Frame

Users now have the ability to “Select Default Date Range” dropdown picker found in the Report UI. The new feature allows users to save off a fixed date range.

Screenshot of Report’s default date range selector highlighting the Hour Offset feature.

If you would like more information, to update your CEMLink6 system to the newest version, or want to know more about all of its capabilities, Contact the VIM team today.