Benefits of a Software Support Maintenance Contract

VIM Technologies’ CEMLink6 software is designed to streamline the data acquisition process of emissions data for a myriad of industries. We provide prompt and thorough assistance for our clients and we offer Software Support Maintenance Contracts as an additional layer of support. This remote support service is an ideal complement to your CEMLink6 usage that can address questions and concerns regarding the software operation, updates, and more. Discover the benefits of our Software Support Maintenance Contract:

Priority Access to 24/7 Technical Assistance

When your company is a Software Support Maintenance client, you can rest assured knowing you have access to our technical support staff 24/7/365. Whether you’re in need of technical guidance or are experiencing an operational hiccup, you can call VIM for assistance. Our engineers can remotely access your CEMLink6 system to troubleshoot and assist.

4 Free Hours of Out-of-Scope Support

Have a situation that requires work outside of the scope of your original contract? With the Software Support Maintenance Contract your 4 additional hours of support include but are not limited to EDR submittal support, system revisions, quarterly report submittal assistance, database repair, and data editing.

Discounted Hourly Rates for Additional Engineering Services

As your business grows and develops, so should your software. If you develop the need for out-of-scope software modifications and programming, this contract ensures a discounted hourly rate for making updates as well as training and regulatory support from our COMPAS Group.

Case Tracking

Don’t let the administrative aspects of tracking your communications with our support team be another item on your to-do list. The VIM Support Group will log the case, track all correspondence, assign an engineer to research and resolve the problem, and provide detailed written and verbal results to you once a resolution is completed.

Software Updates

VIM includes periodic updates as needed to its core CEMLink6 software product with your Software Support Maintenance Contract. This includes usability and new feature updates. You will receive notice of new version release notes and can select from a variety of software update options. A VIM engineer can guide you through the update process.

Up-to-Date System Documentation

As part of the case tracking process, any time your system is changed, your base set of system engineering documents are updated. This includes wiring and signal information, data transfers, system equations, averages, validity determination, calibrations, audits, etc.  VIM provides multiple levels of access to this information as needed.

To learn more about this service option and about its additional benefits, please contact our team.