What’s New In CEMLink 6 — October 2020

Wondering what our developers have been building into CEMLink 6?

At VIM Technologies, we understand how today’s technology trends are rapidly evolving and how important it is to build a high-quality, data-intensive, and user-friendly software system. To meet these challenges, we employ a dedicated and highly skilled development team. We solicit feedback from customers and our Steering Committee to design and deliver customer-focused and market-relevant enhancements to CEMLink 6. It is our commitment to building an intelligent software system for our customers.

In this blog, we will discuss some of the recent CEMLink 6 improvements that all our customers should know about.  If you wish to provide input towards future enhancements, please contact the Steering Committee at steeringcommittee@vimtechnologies.com.Read more »

5 Tips for Managing a CEMS and DAHS With Limited Resources

Updated Original Post Dated: November 14, 2018

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VIM Technologies recognizes the complications that come with managing a Continuous Emissions Monitoring System (CEMS) and Data Acquisition and Handling System (DAHS) with limited resources. Outside of our flagship products CEMLink 6 and COMPAS, designed specifically for the collection, monitoring, management, and reporting of plant emission data; we are constantly looking for innovative ways to improve systems management for our clients and colleagues. Here are five tips our team has put together for combating resource challenges at your workplace:

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CEMLink6 Version 6.1.747 Now Available

Version 6.1.747 of CEMLink6 is now available. Updates are available to those with an active maintenance contract.

If you would like more information, or to update your CEMLink6 system to this version, please contact VIM Support at 410-859-5455.

For more information on our maintenance and support services, please contact Eva Fewster at 410-859-5455 or eva.fewster@vimtechnologies.com.

Reducing Compliance Risk: Easy Access to Environmental Data is Critical

If your source monitoring is anything short of 100% compliant with applicable regulations under the Clean Air Act Amendments you are at risk of notices of violation (NOVs), fines, and other disciplinary action. Reducing this compliance risk starts with proper data collection. Data visibility and ease of access can help your company stay within the guidelines of its operating permit.

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CEMLink6: Did You Know?

Updated Original Post Dated: December 7, 2018

VIM Technologies is a leader in the air compliance data acquisition systems industry as a major supplier of Continuous Emission Monitoring software. Whether you are a current CEMLink6 user or are interested in learning more about the software, here are some interesting facts you should know about this revolutionary software:

Custom Dashboard Builds

Users can configure a custom dashboard with the easy to use drag-and-drop tools. The graphic visuals enhance the presentation of data to increase communication of important figures. In addition to diagrams and images, users can display annunciators, trends, alarms, analyzer diagnostics, compliance deadlines, and more.

VIM Technologies custom dashboard

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Steering Committee Meeting Update

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On March 3, 2020, Rudi Muenster met with members of the Steering Committee in St. Petersburg, Florida, to discuss business development directives for the year ahead. The newest committee member, Jenaveve Hoskins of Florida Power and Light, was introduced to the group and quickly brought up to speed on how the committee functions and what’s expected from each member. With her diverse background and ‘hands-on’ approach, we’re excited and appreciative to have her join the team.
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Introducing: The all new CEMLink 6 Compliance Calendar

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Being an environmental manager in the 21st century requires you to juggle numerous quality assurance tests, oftentimes with different deadlines. Some can be tied to the number of operating hours within a quarter while others are based on the anniversary date of an inspection or performance test. Let CEMLink 6 shoulder the burden of tracking and notifying you of any impending deadlines.

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