Air Compliance: Your Greatest Risk May Be Your Most Valuable Assets

Key Employee Risk, also known as Key Employee Dependency is an issue that companies face when one critical or key employee is the only person to have access to certain information or job responsibilities. This can refer to confidential information, compliance items, or operating procedures. Without this information, workflow is diminished or halted. This situation can happen when a key employee retires, takes a leave of absence, or is unavailable. Without the ability to continue proper workflow or standard operating procedures, it is easy to fall out of compliance and can have a detrimental effect on your business.Read more »

VIM Technologies’ Part 60 CEMS and COMS Requirements Virtual Training

VIM Technologies’ (VIM) Senior Air Compliance Specialists, Eric Wiley, and Dru Sanders, co-presented the Part 60 CEMS and COMS Requirements online training course with high praise from those who attended.

This comprehensive course covered the required material in 2-hour sessions across 3 consecutive days. Attendees were thrilled with the virtual schedule that allowed flexible access to the training and eliminated the need for travel. The detailed course manual and the ability to download various supporting regulatory documents were a significant benefit to all participants

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The CEMS Academy Training Workshop

The CEMS Academy was founded by a group of industry leaders in the field of air emissions monitoring. Their goal was to establish a positive, forward-thinking learning environment that was unlike anything else in the environmental field. The leaders of this initiative have a combined 30-years of problem-solving expertise in CEMS and related air monitoring activities. They share their considerable experience with anyone who is having trouble meeting their compliance duties. As a result, The CEMS Academy has developed a comprehensive, rapid-fire 1-day program that focuses on real-world difficulties and how to manage or avoid them completely. Come join us for an experience, unlike every other training you’ve ever had.

Register for the upcoming in-person training on March 30th and 31st in Tulsa, OK here.

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VIM Technologies celebrates 30th Anniversary

VIM Technologies is pleased to announce that this February marks our 30th Anniversary! It all started with a couple of process control engineers working on a variety of control applications and suddenly finding themselves developing data acquisition and reporting software to meet air compliance regulations. Thirty years later, we are building on the original mission of providing accurate and efficient emissions reporting software for environmental compliance. From our humble beginnings, VIM Technologies has grown into one of the nation’s most trusted partners for environmental compliance while simultaneously establishing a strong global presence.
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5 New Years Resolutions to Consider in 2022

It’s the start of a new year, and the VIM Technologies team couldn’t be more excited. Many of us have made our New Year’s Resolutions and are on our way to making changes in the ways we live and work, and how we impact our surroundings. If you haven’t already, it’s time to start thinking about New Year’s Resolutions for yourself and your air compliance initiatives. We’ve pulled together our top five ideas to help improve your air compliance program and quality of work life while you’re at it…

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PADEP CSMM Revision 8 Requirements

VIM Technologies is offering an intermediate level, fully online Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PADEP) CSMM Revision 8 Requirements training course, by instructors Bill Mitchell (Sr. Environmental Engineer) and Ashley Partington (Compliance Specialist), February 22-23rd, 2022.

This course is designed to provide a summary of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PADEP) quality assurance, recordkeeping, and reporting requirements. The course will begin Day 1 with an introduction to PADEP Revision 8 reporting requirements, monitoring specifications, certification/recertification process, and initial/ongoing QA testing requirements. Day 2 will explore the requirements of the quarterly PADEP EDR, data elements, and will also include a discussion of hourly validation and data substitution. An overview of RACT III will also be provided.

The course would be beneficial to Environmental Managers as well as Instrument & Control Technicians with CEMS responsibilities. The training would be valuable to personnel with limited PADEP experience, or as a refresher for more seasoned environmental professionals. The course will be presented in two(2), three-hour sessions over two consecutive days for $399. 

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VIM Technologies Introduction to Part 75: 3-Day Remote Training Course

VIM Technologies is offering an intermediate level, fully online Part 75 Emissions training course run by Senior Air Compliance Specialist Dru Sanders, February 16-18th, 2022. This course is directed toward environmental staff and Instrument & Controls (I&C) Technicians responsible for complying with 40 CFR Part 75 regulations. We will provide an overview covering general provisions required by the rule. This will include monitoring methods, data handling, quality assurance testing, recertification events, annual analysis, and reporting/recordkeeping requirements. General data assessment techniques will be discussed along with our 10-step program for success. The course consists of four (4) sessions, spanning three (3) days in February. Day 2 includes two (2) focused sessions addressing Part 75 requirements specific to gas & oil-fired units as well as a separate session focusing on coal-fired units. These two (2)  sessions are conducted in succession, providing flexibility to participate in one session or both. The Part 75 course will also cover any recent applicable regulatory or reporting changes or pending revisions. The price of the training is $599 and is recommended for intermediate-level attendees.

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CEMLink6 New Feature Highlights

It’s that time again!!  No, not the release of the pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks, it’s time for a recap and highlight of a handful of CEMLink6 features that have been introduced over the last year.  We’ve taken the entire list of enhancements and changes made to the product and narrowed the list down to the top 5 most significant.

This blog will focus on major features that were introduced between the 6.1.770 and 6.2.140 releases.  If you are not running the latest version of CEMLink6 (, please reach out to our support group today so we can schedule an update.  The best way to contact us is or call 1-866-484-6435 for immediate assistance.

If you wish to provide input towards future enhancements, please contact the Steering Committee at more »