DAHS Updates for Recent ECMPS Changes

We’re pleased to report that over 75% of all CEMLink users have upgraded to a CEMLink release that complies with the latest schema changes rolled out by EPA in the ECMPS Q3 2019 ECMPS release. For those CEMLink customers not familiar with the update, a summary of changes and copies of the electronic reporting instructions can be found at the EPA ECMPS website at https://ecmps.blogspot.com/. You can find a summary of the changes specific to CEMLink users here: https://www.vimtechnologies.com/dahs-updates-for-part-75-xml-reporters/

EPA has confirmed that beginning in the 2020 Q1 reporting period these new checks will convert from informational to critical. We suggest you contact VIM now by e-mailing our Support Department at support@vimtechnologies.com. VIM Support will review your profile, evaluate your maintenance contract’s coverage for these updates, let you know next steps, and get you in the queue.