Recent Updates in CEDRI — Effective September 2020

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EPA’s Compliance and Emissions Data Reporting Interface (CEDRI) has implemented a number of recent changes and enhancements in August and September of 2020. This includes new and updated reports, job aides, and added capabilities. One of the biggest changes includes discontinuing the use of web forms, effective September 24, 2020. We’ve provided a synopsis of the changes below:

Improved CEDRI ‘Download as Excel’ Performance

The CEDRI History Download feature already included extra data elements beyond what is displayed in the CEDRI application. The download now includes these additional data elements:

  • Report ID
  • FRS Program ID
  • CROMMER Activity ID
  • CROMMER Document ID

Version 6 ERT Tool Reports Now Accepted

CEDRI is now able to accept reports (e.g., Performance Test / Evaluation reports) that are created using the Version 6.0 Electronic Report Tool (ERT).

Updated Stationary Combustion Turbines Report

The Stationary Combustion Turbines (63, subpart YYYY), 63.6150(a) Compliance Report, 63.6150(c) Landfill Gas Annual Report, 63.6150(e) Distillate Oil Use Annual Report (Version 3.00) template has been updated.

Discontinued Use of Web Forms

EPA has decided to discontinue the use of web forms, effective September 24, 2020. You may continue using the CEDRI web forms through this date, however, it is strongly recommended that you to use the appropriate Excel spreadsheet template, as users will be unable to resubmit web forms after this date. Please note the report template version provides the periodic report template version (found on the Welcome tab) accepted in CEDRI. If a periodic report template has a version number listed as 1.XX for a given periodic report (e.g., Annual Report), any version template in the Version 1 series (e.g., 1.01, 1.02, 1.03) would be accepted in CEDRI. A user will only have to download and use a new reporting template when there is an incremental change in the whole number of the version number, e.g., from 1.00 to 2.00.

For other CEDRI enhancements, bug fixes, and more, you can check the CEDRI Update Log, which is updated periodically. For more information or assistance on what these changes mean for you, please reach out to a member of our COMPAS team at