Introducing: The all new CEMLink 6 Compliance Calendar

Graphic with VIM & CEMLINK 6 Logo announcing the all-new compliance calendar
Being an environmental manager in the 21st century requires you to juggle numerous quality assurance tests, oftentimes with different deadlines. Some can be tied to the number of operating hours within a quarter while others are based on the anniversary date of an inspection or performance test. Let CEMLink 6 shoulder the burden of tracking and notifying you of any impending deadlines.

While previously exclusive to Part 75 sources, the updated QA Test Deadlines feature in CEMLink 6 now allows users to track and monitor Part 60 QA tests in addition to inspection and site-specific operating limits (SSOL) required by many MACT regulations.

With the 680 release of CEMLink 6, we’ve enhanced QA Test Deadlines and added other features to make managing compliance tasks for Part 75 and Part 60/63 regulations even easier.

Read on to learn more about the variety of features located underneath the Compliance Calendar menu:


Part 60 QA Test Deadline

The new Part 60 QA Test Deadline tracker allows for configuration of many different types of tests. You can use the Compliance Calendar’s configuration interface to select the types of tests you want to track and the deadline requirements. In addition to tests like CGAs, Opacity’s, ACA’s, and RATAs (available out of the box), you can add your own test types and define how often the tests should run. Additional flexibility allows the user to skip non-operating or non-QA operating quarters, daily or monthly rolling deadlines (i.e. 30-months between SSOL tests for PC MACT), or even annual inspection requirements.


Enhanced Dashboard

If you want to keep a close eye on the status of your tests, the QA Test Deadline Overview Dashboard Widget provides information on all tests in one place and provides information like:

  • Source, System/Component ID, and Type of Test
  • When the test was last performed
  • When the test is due next and its current status
  • Variables that may affect the due date (e.g., operating hours, grace periods, extensions)

The widget also refreshes automatically, so you have the information you need as soon as it’s available.



You no longer need to access CEMLink 6 to check on QA Test Deadline results. With the new alarm notifications, you can have the information you need sent directly to your email inbox or smartphone. Simply configure an alarm for your test, and determine criteria for warnings and exceedance of any given test.

CEMLink 6 is designed to make it easier for you to manage your compliance initiatives, and the new 680 release takes another step in that direction. With the industry-leading configurability and flexibility offered in features like the Compliance Calendar, you’ll be prepared to effectively manage a wider range of compliance requirements and scenarios.

If you’re interested in trying out the Compliance Calendar or any of the other features in the 680 release of CEMLink 6, contact the VIM team at