Complying with MACT using CEMLink6’s Continuous Parameter Monitoring System (CPMS) capabilities

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VIM Technologies, Inc. is a true compliance partner. As the market leader in innovative data acquisition software design, we back up each application with a compliance first mindset. Our products and services are supported by an expert staff of environmental engineers that have been serving the air regulated community since 1992.


Collecting CPMS Data from Various Sources

Data collection and report building specifically designed to meet NESHAPS/MACT compliance can be difficult. In most cases, the Continuous Parametric Monitoring Systems (CPMS) data needed to support MACT rules resides throughout the facility, on several, non-compatible platforms/systems. This creates a challenging task for the environmental engineer responsible for collecting, validating and organizing the data into a usable form for reporting purposes. It is time consuming, frustrating and may lead to costly mistakes if not handled properly.

The human element of having to pull data from many incompatible sources can be problematic. Discrepancies occur when a data collection platform does not have the power to validate and quality assure data in real-time, not to mention handle the intricate averaging required by regulatory agencies. While it is very achievable to aggregate data from different platforms into an Excel Spreadsheet, plant historian, or corporate data lake, how can you be sure that the underlying raw data measurement satisfies the regulatory data collection criteria? Overcoming the data collection challenge addresses half the problem, leaving most to manage the reporting process using the limited tools available in software not specifically designed for the task.

VIM Technologies, Inc. can solve this problem by offering a fully integrated data collection and reporting system built on their gold standard compliance platform – CEMLink 6. CEMLink 6 can seamlessly pull data from all sources regulated under NSPS, NESHAPS, MACT and site-specific air permit conditions into one concise package. CEMS, CPMS Sensors, Process Data, and other data needed for complete validation, averaging, and reporting all flows into a single, user friendly system.

VIM’s CEMLink6 data acquisition platform and engineering procedures assure that data is collected per the requirements. Our engineers document the data collection process to ensure you are meeting all your regulatory requirements down to the data collection process itself. Each data point in the system has a 64-bit status word associated with it that carries through to all subsequent averaging and calculations, so you always know the status of your data, and the underlying constituents.

Show Variables Tool allows the user to interrogate any average or calculation in the system to vet out the underlying constituents.

Having your compliance data in one platform that performs all the validation and averaging criteria provides the environmental engineer with an audit trail to easily understand how the end result was derived. The software has many features to help streamline the reporting process, including compliance tools, dashboards, e-mailed trends and reports, full quarterly, semi-annual, and electronic reporting, just to name a few.

Example dashboard display allows users to see their CEMS and CPMS real-time data all in one place including Compliance Deadlines and active alarms.


CEMs with CPMS or just CPMS

Whether you have existing CEMs or are only required to report CPMS data, VIM’s CEMLink6 data acquisition platform is right for you. If you have an existing CEMLink6 system and handle all your CPMS data separately, consider incorporating your CPMS data reporting into CEMLink6.

CEMLink6 is built to handle many compliance parameters, and as many users know, it can handle any load you throw at it including hundreds or even thousands of process data points.


Partnering with Industry Experts

Many companies have fully capable staff to handle environmental issues within the organization but as the demand grows so do the challenges. The issue isn’t one of capability but one of efficient resource allocation and usage. With the right compliance partner, these same resources can be better utilized and focus on improving production.

Many industries, buckling under the costs of ongoing compliance have changed their approach. Onsite environmental personnel were substituted with facilitators and the responsibility for reporting fell onto fewer people managing more than one facility, centrally located at corporate. This change resulted in a more systematic, planned approach to compliance which dovetailed perfectly with the evolving vision of VIM Technologies, Inc.


At home or In the Cloud

VIM’s CEMLink6 data acquisition platform goes where you go. Whether you have a single system at a single facility, or many systems spread across an entire fleet, CEMLink6 gives you the flexibility to aggregate data over fleet-wide networks or in the cloud. Whether you are an individual site or corporate entity looking to leverage corporate standards and visibility, CEMLink6 gets you there.

DAS standardization built within the CEMLink6 data acquisition platform has become the gold standard in the compliance industry. Corporate environmental engineers can move seamlessly from site to site over VPNs and corporate networks to gather the information needed to meet their reporting obligations. All this without sacrificing the site-specific attention to detail that VIM has always provided. It is the best of both worlds supported by a true partnership between all parties.

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