VIM Technologies Working with EPA Clean Air Markets Division

Power plant exterior at night

VIM Technologies will be working with the EPA Clean Air Markets Division (CAMD) on the EPA’s upcoming ECMPS changes and 2020 software development plans.

Rudi Muenster, VP of Environmental Products and other experts in the Compliance Optimization & Monitoring Performance Accuracy Service (COMPAS) department at VIM Technologies will participate at the DAHS Vendor ECMPS Software Development Webinar on March 3, 2020.

In this meeting, the EPA will share updates on the ECMPS software and solicit feedback, technical questions and discussions. VIM plans to actively participate in this meeting and bring forward ideas and any issues and concerns by their customers resulting from these changes.

The EPA plans to host these meetings quarterly. If your organization is affected by Part 75 regulations and you have ideas, questions, or concerns about the ECMPS software that you would like us to bring to this meeting, please contact Rudi Muenster at

VIM Technologies has been involved in EDR/XML reporting and ECMPS development in the past. We are looking forward to continuing to work with CAMD and to contribute to the evolution of their products. We aim to be part of the process and influence the changes that are occurring. It is one of the ways that VIM Technologies delivers the promise to be a true compliance partner to our customers.