Why You Should Consider Replacing Your DAS

A Data Acquisition System (DAS) is a crucial tool for gathering and analyzing your plant’s air compliance. When it comes to ensuring air compliance, you don’t want to take any chances. Here are some significant reasons to consider updating your DAS sooner rather than later:

Obsolete Operating Systems and Databases

Microsoft tends to ensure their software becomes obsolete every seven years or so. It’s possible that you may not even know your current software is no longer supported. When it comes to risk mitigation, inspecting your system’s age is the top priority.

Outdated Hardware

Not staying abreast of hardware technology can add up quickly in terms of your compliance costs (downtime and replacement). Be proactive and ask your supplier for the estimated end of life cycle dates. With these dates in mind, you’ll be able to build upgrade costs into your financial plan.

Dissatisfaction With Your Current Vendor

If you constantly feel like you’re on your own while navigating your DAS system, you’re using the wrong vendor. VIM understands the time and stress that surrounds maintaining your air compliance and offers dedicated 24/7 support to make things easier. One of the best ways to research a new vendor is to ask for a webinar session. From there, request a site visit. VIM will work with you to schedule a convenient site visit to identify all the hurdles that are hindering your current DAS. We will provide a comprehensive list of what you need to upgrade your system, give an on-site demo, and detail a comprehensive quote for your consideration.

Limited Resources

Maintaining a quality CEMs program can be done with limited resources if you have the right software. VIM’s CEMLink6 system includes tools and features to streamline your QA process, reduce time spent compiling data, and give you assurance the data you’re reporting is accurate.

Managing Various DAS Systems Across Fleets

Juggling different DAS vendor systems across your fleet is a daunting and time-consuming endeavor. VIM specializes in corporate and fleet standardization to help large organizations manage their environmental resources more efficiently. Need all your decision makers in one room to make the change happen? We offer corporate presentations that can be scheduled for your next annual meeting. We also offer corporate training and auditing programs.

New Permit or Regulatory Driver

Acquiring the funding to replace your existing DAS is always challenging. New regulatory requirements can be a strong catalyst for securing it, so don’t rule out completely upgrading your system. Leveraging your CEM’s DAS to handle additional environmental compliance data can reduce the overall expense of maintaining compliance. VIM can aggregate your non-CEMs compliance systems into CEMLink6, even periodic lab and spot-check data, giving you one place to go for all your data collection needs.

Overall, just one of the above reasons is enough to consider upgrading your current DAS. If you noted your organization has a few of these reasons, it is time to give us a call. The VIM COMPAS team can perform a complete DAS audit on your system and provide a full assessment of inaccuracies and potential liabilities. Let’s talk!  

See link below for Factors to Consider when Replacing Your DAS: