VIM Technologies Welcomes John David Cutts as Central Regional Manager

John David CuttsVIM Technologies is thrilled to welcome John David Cutts as Regional Sales Manager, covering the Central Region.

John David’s 20+ years of Process Industry experience will be an invaluable asset for VIM Technologies and our clients. His experience spans a wide range of industries and applications, including Up, Mid, Downstream O&G, Biogas as well as Petrochemical and Chemical for End Users, OEM’s and EPCs. Putting his Process Industry knowledge to work, John David will help clients find the right implementation of CEMLink 6 for all their data collection and reporting needs. He will also work with clients on the Compliance Optimization & Monitor Performance Accuracy Service (COMPAS) program, with auditing services, assessments, and QA/QC plans.

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Preparing for the Upcoming CEMLink6 Upgrade

Beginning with the next release of CEMLink6 (Version 6.2.100), scheduled for late February 2021, VIM will require all DAHS server and Client computers to be running Microsoft .NET 4.8. Up until this release, CEMLink6 required .NET 4.5. If your server or client computers were deployed prior to September 2019 OR if you have had Windows updates deactivated, it’s likely that your systems will need to have this update installed.

Please view documentation here for help determining the version of .NET, how to access an update, and when this needs to be completed. If you have any questions or would like to talk with someone about this further, please reach out to our support group at

CEMLink6 Excel Add-In: CEDRI Reports Are Just a Few Clicks Away

VIM Technologies is in high gear and getting ready to release the CEMLink6 Excel Add-In – a CEMLink6 tool designed to reduce the challenges associated with assembling and populating CEDRI reporting.

Over the last four years, PC MACT affected facility managers have witnessed the EPA change its demand regarding CEDRI reporting formats and requirements numerous times. The most recent change took effect on September 24, 2020, discontinuing the web format and replacing it with a new, consolidated, Excel spreadsheet template. The change effectively mandates all PC MACT sources to use the latest Excel template in the upcoming reporting period.
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VIM’s 2020 Webinar Recap

The year 2020 left companies frantically struggling to move operations online as cities and countries around the world went into lockdown due to COVID-19. Most companies faced a major challenge – to help their employees adapt to new routines and technology, and to do so remotely. Businesses had to limit employee travels, postpone, and cancel in-person training and meetings. At VIM Technologies, we recognized that our customers cannot simply push the pause button on critical workplace learning while trying to put employee safety first. To meet this challenge and support our partners, we decided to develop and host free webinars starting in April 2020.

Here is a recap of all VIM webinars conducted in 2020. If you missed any of them and would like access to any of the recordings, here’s a list of previous webinars. Select the webinar(s) you’re interested and fill out the request form.Read more »

What’s New In CEMLink 6 — October 2020

Wondering what our developers have been building into CEMLink 6?

At VIM Technologies, we understand how today’s technology trends are rapidly evolving and how important it is to build a high-quality, data-intensive, and user-friendly software system. To meet these challenges, we employ a dedicated and highly skilled development team. We solicit feedback from customers and our Steering Committee to design and deliver customer-focused and market-relevant enhancements to CEMLink 6. It is our commitment to building an intelligent software system for our customers.

In this blog, we will discuss some of the recent CEMLink 6 improvements that all our customers should know about.  If you wish to provide input towards future enhancements, please contact the Steering Committee at more »

Maximize Your Company’s Environmental Compliance

Updated Original Post Dated: April 3, 2019

A Data Acquisition System (DAS) is a crucial tool for gathering and analyzing your plant’s compliance data. When it comes to ensuring environmental compliance, DO NOT take any chances that could lead to fines or enforcement. Here are 5 key assessments you NEED to consider when evaluating your current compliance system(s). The right solution can maximize your company’s environmental compliance while significantly reducing risk.Read more »

Managing DAS & CEMS Systems: Top 5 Challenges and Solutions

Updated Original Post Dated: April 23, 2019

Compliance Managers can only be effective if the data they’re accessing is current and thorough. Multiple regulations coming into play, outdated DAS, or incomplete testing are just some of the many challenges Compliance Managers face.

When overcoming these challenges, if you document the solutions the lessons learned can be invaluable tools for future reference and training new employees. With that in mind, we’ve assembled the top 5 challenges faced when managing DAS and CEMS systems — and recommended solutions to address the issue.

Challenge: Late or Incomplete QA Test
Solution: Be Proactive with Tracking QA Test Deadlines

Missed or incomplete testing can result in excessive downtime. Excessive downtimes can be very expensive for sources in trading programs such as ARP, SIP, CSAPR, and RGGI. One way to combat these challenges is to be proactive with tracking QA test deadlines – don’t wait for ECMPS to tell you. Having a thorough understanding of what qualifies for an extension and/or grace period can help ensure you’re conducting and submitting information on time.

The CEMLink 6 compliance calendar and QA test deadline features allow users to track and monitor Part 60 ongoing QA tests in addition to inspection and site-specific operating limits (SSOL) required by many MACT regulations. Learn how to use these helpful tools in this pre-recorded webinar, available for download here.Read more »